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February 12, 2013

Spider’s Web



No! I’m not into spiders even though they spin beautiful webs.  There is an anal0gy however with Social Networks on the Web, with internet threads connecting through a central core.   Just connecting with so many people is quite a phenoma.   It’s really quite a powerful instrument for us bloggers.

A Bite of the Cherry


cherry cakes download

The aim of Facebook, Word press and other social networks, is to give everyone a chance to express themselves, and that is one of the great benefits about social networking and blogging.    Everyone gets a fair bite of the cherry rather than the privileged few, everyone can have their own platform to express themselves – so we can all have a say on our chosen topic.Electronic music  embraces and enhances music in different dimensions.  My instrumental music is about that – experimenting and exploring sound and visual images.  A share in the bite of a cherry.



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